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A tool for designing
health benefit packages

FairChoices is a support tool for health sector priority setting in low- and middle-income countries.  Users can build national health benefit packages comprised of more than 400 interventions from 82 countries. The inputs feeding into the model are based on cutting-edge research and country-specific data and parameters based on demography, epidemiology, and effectiveness. Users can measure and optimize the impact of their benefit packages on outcomes such as life expectancy, financial risk protection, and equity.


Our values

Guidance on the tool



Learn the methodology

Learn about our analytical approaches to modeling demography and epidemiology, estimating health and financial risk protection benefits from scaling up interventions, exploring fiscal space for health, and weighing different criteria for priority setting


Hear from previous users

Hear feedback and insights from our community of public health experts and policymakers around the world on how our tool has helped them make more informed decisions on healthcare policies


Explore training material

Find training material on how to use the FairChoices tool provided in a range of formats, including videos, tutorials, and guides, designed to suit a variety of users and learning styles

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